Use These Suggestions to Ace Your Next Interview

Use These Suggestions to Ace Your Next Interview

Due to our success at providing custom telecom solutions, Select Society Innovations is growing! This means more chances to advance and develop for our current team members. It also means that we will be hiring new brand experts.

We know full well how much energy candidates put into an interview, so we wanted to provide some tips to help potential teammates feel confident and prepared. Below is some of our best Select Society Innovations advice for acing an interview:

• Focus on Achievements: Finding team members who will thrive in our culture is vital, so our interviews are designed to help us elicit specific values and personality traits. It may sound backward, but character is easier to identify when interviewees talk about their accomplishments, not themselves. Discussing what we’re most proud of achieving, or a challenge that we overcame, speaks volumes about the kind of people we are.

• Pause Before Answering a Question: An interview is nothing more than a focused conversation, and thoughtful dialogue is always valued. Just as we aren’t afraid to think over a response when engaged with a friend or peer, it’s alright to take a few seconds before answering an interview question as well.

Interviews can be relaxed and pleasant affairs when we know what to say and how to act. Like Select Society Innovations on Facebook for more tips on how to impress a hiring manager.