Our Tips for Winning the Networking Game

Our Tips for Winning the Networking Game

We’re big believers in the power of a diverse professional network around the Select Society Innovations office. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to expand our contact lists and grow our business in the process. We attend all kinds of conferences and other industry events so we can be around the highest achievers in our field.

When we make new connections, we gain more than just sources of good advice. We also get the chance to measure ourselves against top performers from other markets. The end result of our contacting efforts is a big boost in motivation. We’re excited to put what we’ve learned to good use when we get back to the home office.

One way we max out every networking opportunity is by putting our best faces forward. It might sound strange to say that smiling takes practice, but it really does. A natural smile is one of the best assets you can have when meeting new people, so we try to combine one with steady eye contact every time we attend an industry function.

We also make a point of listening more than we speak when we build our Select Society Innovations contact lists. Showing genuine interest by posing open-ended questions and really leaning in to hear the answers is a winning strategy every time.

Our contacts bring an array of benefits to our careers. To learn more of our best networking tips, like Select Society Innovations on Facebook.