We Put Our Networking Skills to Good Use

We Put Our Networking Skills to Good Use

Our Select Society Innovations training program goes beyond job skills and teaches us how to thrive. Networking, for example, makes up a big part of our curriculum, because we know the power that a well-developed network has to create success.

“We travel to a number of conventions and seminars throughout the year, and one of the reasons I consider these trips to be a good investment is that they provide incomparable networking opportunities,” shared William, Select Society Innovations’ Director of Operations. “We meet people from all over the world, share best practices, and learn about the latest trends in our field. Preparation is vital for making the most of these meetings.”

Some of the techniques we teach our brand experts include:

• Actively Listen: Listening is not a passive skill. It includes paying attention not only to what is said, but to the many nonverbal cues that add depth and context to a discussion. We know we’re engaged when we’re so busy attending to our conversation partner that we forget to compose a response until they’ve finished speaking.

• Look for Ways to Give: The most memorable contacts look for ways to render a small favor or service to the person they just met. This could be a bit of advice, an introduction, or just the courtesy of giving someone their full focus.

Networking skills, plus our travel program, give our people a distinct edge. Learn more about our commitment to training by liking Select Society Innovations on Facebook.