Our Advice for a More Impressive Résumé

Our Advice for a More Impressive Résumé

As we look to add ambitious college graduates to Team Select Society Innovations, we’re reminded of how vital a strong résumé is. The first impression a candidate makes is hugely important, so we wanted to share a few simple tips that will help any recent grad improve his or her stock on the job market.

Although it might seem obvious, getting rid of any grammar mistakes is a key first step in smoothing out your résumé. You’d be surprised how many glaring errors find their way to hiring managers’ desks. It’s a good idea to have someone else read your résumé, because your brain might subconsciously fill in gaps and overlook mistakes.

We look for relevant experience and skills when we gauge potential Select Society Innovations hires. If someone has limited what’s on the résumé to the attributes and achievements that best align with their career goals and our needs, that person has a much better chance of impressing us.

It’s also a good idea to take out any jargon or abbreviations that may have found their way onto your résumé. The goal should be a one-page document that’s easy to read, so make sure there’s nothing in it that requires explanation. A good file name is also important. First name, last name, and the word résumé is always a safe bet.

We hope recent college grads will take these tips to heart in the summer hiring season. Like Select Society Innovations on Facebook to find more of our best advice for jobseekers.